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Slovenian start-ups raised more than 100 million dollars in one year!

In 2015 the Slovenian startup ecosystem flourished. It raised record high $127 Million dollars of investment money, almost exactly doubling the amount from 2014!

“Two years ago we claimed we are witnessing a cambrian explosion of startups. Now it is obvious to anyone - slovenian startups are successful globally and it's going to change everything.”
—Boštjan Špetič

  • Number of start-ups raising funds is doubling in the last few years.
  • In ten years, Slovenian start-ups have raised more than 270 million dollars in total.
  • First Chinese investment

Example: Lyst
4/30/2013: Raised $40,000,000 from fashion mogul Bernard Arnauld and some of the most reputable and largest VC funds in the world: Accel Partners, Balderton Capital, DFJ, 14W and an unnamed New York hedge fund

Lyst is a six-year-old high fashion e-commerce start-up that was co-founded by Sebastjan Trepča. Specifically, it is a platform, backed by complicated algorithms, that hosts more than 12 thousand different fashion brands. Lyst is solving one of the biggest problems of e-shoppers: spending hours and hours, trying to find a specific product. The company has more than 100 employees, also several Slovenians.

Diverse capital structure and a look ahead

While VC investments dominate in terms of dollar value, we see healthy and diverse early-stage activities. We have a revival of angel investments as well as another good year for governmental seed mechanisms. 32 start-ups were accepted in accelerators all around the world; that is as much as in all preceding years combined. The future is bright!

Slovenian startups are very diverse

The majority of funds, that Slovenian start-ups acquired last year, were dedicated to build web solutions for education, mobility and media. However, largely because of Lyst’s 40 million investment fashion takes the first place as the category that got most funds.

All-time Leaderboard

Since 2005, 169 startups raised over $270M in over 300 transactions. Some founders have raised multiple rounds by now, experiencing different types of capital, while other are just starting. Unpublicized deals amounted for a third of all funds raised in 2015, and one half since 2007.


(raised over $5M)

  • Lyst
  • Uniplaces
  • Layer
  • Celtra
  • Bitstamp
  • Zemanta
  • 4th office
  • Bellabeat
  • + stealth startups


(Raised over $1M)

  • Databox
  • Iddiction
  • Azumio
  • Visionect
  • iptvbeat
  • goopti
  • Reveel
  • kosei
  • citadela
  • DoubleRecall
  • Mountvacation
  • TAB Systems
  • ipd med
  • orpe
  • + stealth startups

Next Generation

(Raised over $150k)

  • Connet
  • iTIVI
  • CubeSensors
  • Fieldoo
  • ZivaDynamics
  • Trainers4me
  • pipetop
  • mesi
  • kaymu
  • cashila
  • eurosender
  • nizkocenovci
  • Codeable
  • doctrina
  • chipolo
  • povio
  • adora
  • optilab
  • modri planet
  • mediately
  • Calypso Crystal
  • + stealth startups

Startup Media

Along with growing ecosystem, media is also getting interested in start-ups. Bigger news outlets have started covering young high-tech companies in 2015, while specialized entrepreneurship media have increased their activities. internet week mladi podjetnik netokracija